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   Welcome to the web site of TZEVELEKOS Inc.

The modern conceptions of consumer is now well established. Looks for certified and healthy food  with specific origin, production and processing. Our company, with a 30 years experience, has its roots in the Mountain of Corinthian Earth. Our philosophy is to provide with honesty quality products, produced in optimum conditions with thorough checks.

The TZEVELEKOS Inc. active in ...

    * the production, breeding, fattening and marketing of lambs and goats
    * the slaughter
    * the treatment - packaging, refrigeration- freezing
    * the availability of producing products
    * the collection - storage & trade of leather

The maintaining of quality assured by the use of the HACCP - ISO22000 systems

Contact Details

tel +30 2747 0 22415
tel +30 2747 0 22050
fax +30 2747 0 22414
email: info@tzevelekos.eu